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"This course is world-class"

-J.G. Merck & Co.


"This course was an excellent way to experience a broad spectrum of subjects within biotechnology. These experiences have given me the skills I needed to excel at my current position and inspired me to explore new opportunities within the biotech industry.”

-Ricardo Ibarra Jr., Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals


"This course was really excellent! Thank you to all of the instructors and individuals that helped. I'll take a lot of information and new ideas back to work. The hands-on sessions were particularly useful. I hope this course continues for many years to come."

-Past course participant


"Excellent course condensed into a short time. Thank you!"

-Past course participant

Cellular Bioprocess Technology Course at the University of Minnesota

Celebrating 30 years in 2016!

June 13-16, 2016

June 16, 2016 Workshop

To celebrate 30 years, we plan to hold a workshop on opportunities in cell culture bioprocessing immediately following the course (the afternoon of June 16). This event will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the course and highlight the technological trends in the next decade. More information by the end of February. Registrants of the course are welcome to join the workshop; there is no additional fee.



  • Expanded coverage on continuous biomanufacturing

  • Updated metabolic regulation in discussion

  • Focal topic on glycosylation

  • Medium design, metabolic control through genomic exploration

  • Revamped section on process analytical technology

Review two decades of process research, learn the current state of technology, and see future opportunities with this concise, in-depth course.

Join leading researchers from around the world for this interactive four-day seminar covering the fundamentals and practical analysis of cell culture technology and bioengineering. The Cellular Bioprocess Technology short course is offered annually at the University of Minnesota.

The course is also available to be held on-site at pharmaceutical and biotech companies, a popular option for companies who wish to have multiple employees attend.

  • The definitive course in cell culture technology

  •  Learn Fundamentals, practical analysis and emerging tools and trends

  • See complex data translated to real life relevant points

  •  Experience two decades of research expertise and practical know-how presented in organized, user-friendly formats

  • Uniquely designed for scientific professionals of diverse backgrounds in engineering and the physical and biological sciences

Intended Course Audience

  • Engineers and physical scientists who wish to gain essential knowledge in cell biology and molecular genetics and learn the relevance of physical principles in bioprocess operations

  •  Life scientists who wish to learn facets of biology that relate to process engineering, as well as key engineering principles that can constrain and amplify biological potentials

  • Those want to understand the "why" behind the "how"

What You Can Expect From This Course

  • Bioprocess design and operations: engineering principles in action
  • Expert perspectives on emerging technological trends for biologics
  • Efficient packaging of knowledge, succinct summary of how-to's, and effective passing-on of valuable experiences
  • Optional computer and workshop sessions for cell culture data analysis
  • Lessons learned and success stories from the past two decades

What Makes This Course Special?

  • Two decades of hard-earned knowledge and complicated research packaged in succinct, practical terms and examples
  • This is not a conference; the materials, lectures, breakup sessions are all designed to work cohesively to maximize information delivery
  • Participants will come away with a renewed excitement for their own work



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